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How to: Color
As a follow up of my "How to: Anatomy" journal that was received so well by the community, I will continue this series with a how to on color.
Color is considered to be one of the hardest subjects when it comes to art. Most beginners (and even some advanced artists) struggle to get the colors of their work right. I myself do as well. This journal is by no means a full coverage on how to color. It will however be a good list of resources to get you started on this hard subject.
A few things to get started
There are a few things to color

There's hue and value. Hue determines what place in the color spectrum the color is in (red, green, blue.. etc). Value determines how dark or light a color is. In order to understand colors, you have to know how to influence and work with both of them.
Your brain is deceiving you
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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
★ Draws ★
★ Human/Demi human ★ Anthro/Furries ★ Cartoon ★ Anime ★ Fan Art ★ Airbrush Art ★

Hi! I'm Lucina, I'm a California girl who loves drawing, cooking, eating food and enjoying good company. I don't give a shit about most things. I'm blunt and to the point. I do not give trust easily; you must earn it. If I like you enough, I will talk with you openly. Don't be offended if I'm bothered by something and I don't open up. When you get past my shell I am a very fun, open, silly person who likes to have LOTS of fun. Like Amythest kind of fun. I enjoy art of all kinds, and like helping newbie artists. Cooking is a huge passion and I'm always open to try new foods and recipes. I hope to bar-tend one day, as well as possibly model, and snowboard.

★ Shark-Dragon ★ Punk ★ Metal ★ Anime ★ Guitarist ★ Freelance Artist ★ SFW/NSFW ★

"I may be but small, but my heart is large. Though my actions may be little, someday their effects will change the world."

☆ I do not tolerate harassment ☆ Golden rule applies ☆ NO ROLEPLAY ☆ I like comments and fav's, but prefer comments!

You can also find me at:


Thank GOD deviant art allows me to change my username without anyone unsubscribing or creating new accounts. Anyways!

So remember how I was talking a while ago about re-creating my online identity? Well, here it is. It took me a while to think of something but I finally got it. I actually really love this name and I'm quite content with it. I hope you guys don't mind this final change. I think, FINALLY, I've found something I'll settle on. I've had many, MANY names over the years, the main ones being ElvenPaws, WinterSin, ElectricSerge and of course, BlueSharkess. I've always had my reasons for name changing. But finally, I think that train will come to a halt.

I wanted to create a name that en-captured my love of space, astronomy, and sci-fi (spaaaaaaaaace is cool yo), what I am (a dreemur, of course, because my damn head is always in the clouds!), slightly a homage to undertale (but they spell it "dreemurr", not "dreemur", and it's easy enough to remember. I also felt like "bluesharkess" was, pretty boring. It's just a blue sharkess. And half the time I'd say it out loud, people had NO idea what I said. At all...

So, from here fourth, I will be re-creating my image, my designs, everything, and I hope you (my followers) enjoy what is to come in the future!

For now, I'll keep using the "Blue shark art" watermark until I create a new one.

But this should SERIOUSLY be the last time.

I hope.




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